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Torque Capacity

The standard clutch can easily cope with 220lbft. I ran a standard clutch for 2 years of sprints and hillclimbs plus some drag racing and road use with that amount of torque. When the clutch came off there was no visible wear despite the fact that the total mileage on the unit was 10,000. The standard clutch will definitely not cope with 280lbft. In between these two outputs I would always opt for an uprated clutch.

McLeod Clutch

The McLeod 10.5" street/strip clutch that is available from Real Steel can cause installation problems because it requires slightly more movement to disengage than the standard unit. This movement can be obtained by fitting a longer master cylinder pushrod. Apparently this can be a problem with other makes of uprated clutches as well.

From Stuart Walker:

I'm sure you won't have this problem, but...

When fitting the clutch hose, be sure to cable tie it to the chassis so that it can't come into contact with the battery feed on the starter motor. If you ever need to take off the clutch slave cylinder its really easy for the aeroquip hose to short out on the starter motor & burn a hole in the hose. Or maybe disconnect the battery before removing the slave.

I learnt this the hard way !!

© Ian Crocker
Last updated on June 30th 1999