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Here is a list of contacts that I have used and been happy with. I am not associated with any of these people, just a satisfied customer.

Westfield Sports Cars

tel: 01384 400077

The factory can help you out on a lot of fronts. Apart from selling cars they also give out motorsport advice and can probably give you a bit of history on a car you are thinking of buying. If you are buying a V8 be sure to check with the factory that it is the genuine article as you may find it hard to insure otherwise!

Map to factory - 16KB JPEG

Terry Nightingale Autocraft

tel: 01799 524380

Terry always has a good stock of second hand cars. He also specialises in race car preparation. Terry is very experienced, having been British Sportscar Champion in the past, and having won the International Historic F3 Championship in 1996. He also prepared the car that won the 1996 Westfield Sports Car Championship. Sells a full range of competition and road car parts.

JE Developments

Claybrooke Mill
Claybrooke Magna
Nr. Lutterworth
LE17 5DB

tel: 01455 202909

John Eales is the proprietor of J.E. Developments. Do not confuse this company with J.E. Motors as many people do. John probably knows more about tuning the Rover V8 than anybody else in the UK. He has prepared many successfull competition engines including the engine in Tim Coventry's devastating hillclimb SEiGHT.

Westfield Sports Car Club

The WSCC caters for all types of Westfields. Like most car clubs it has local groups all around the country who meet up on a regular basis. Although the club has a competition secretary it is surprising to note that they must be one of the least active clubs of any type when it comes to competition. Strange, given the nature of the cars. Contact details can be found on the official WSCC site from the links page.

Footman James & Company Limited

Waterfall Lane
Cradley Heath
West Midlands B64 6PU

tel: 0121 561 4196

Footman James are Westfield's recommended insurer. When I bought my car they offered the best rates. If you use your Westfield as a second car it is nice to know that they do not use a no-claims bonus scheme. With many insurers you need a NCB to get a good rate, but you don't have one because it is attached to your daily driver! Various limited mileage schemes are available. When buying a V8 it is important to check the chassis number with the factory to make sure it was originally sold as a V8. FJ have a list of all 'real' V8s and will not insure cars that started life as lesser models.

Real Steel

Unit 9
Tomo Industrial Estate
Packet Boat Lane
Middx UB8 2JP

tel: 01895 440505

Real Steel supply standard and performance parts for a range of American V8s and the Rover V8. These guys are really good with Holley carbs. The Holley often has a poor reputation on the Rover - in particular flat spots - but Real Steel can tell you exactly how to set the carb up. The 390 on my car runs perfectly with no bogging or flat spots. You can barely tell where the secondaries open, even on a dyno plot. RS carry out extensive testing of parts on their engine dyno. They can tell you what selection of parts are needed to reach a certain power level, what settings to use on your Holley and how much ignition timing to use. If they haven't tested a particular setup they will try and give you a dyno sheet from something very close to it. It's a shame they don't have a rolling road, only the engine dyno. They have an excellent catalogue to drool over.

RPi Engineering

Wayside Garage
Holt Road
Norfolk NR10 3EE

tel: 01603 891209

RPi are another Rover V8 company. They seem to be heavily into off-road applications but they are very helpful and they have an excellent web site (see the links page). Their web site contains a lot of useful info and advice if you are rebuilding or modifying your engine.

© Ian Crocker
Last updated on June 29th 1999