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Days Out

One (Green) Hell of a Trip

The Nurburgring Nordschleife. 20km (14 miles) long. 73 corners. The most dangerous race track in the world. The scene of Niki Laudaís near terminal accident in 1976. The track is actually classified as a one-way public road. You just turn up, pay 14 euros, drive through the barriers and take your chances with Porsches, Ferraris, superbikes, family hatchbacks and even tourist coaches. There is no instruction, no separation of traffic into groups, no marshals, no ambulance and no run-off on most corners before you hit the unforgiving Armco barriers.  (Read more)

Drag Racing with 1791BHP

Drag Racing.  Itís boring.  Itís easy.  Anybody can drive in a straight line.  You might as well just put the cars on a rolling road instead.  All pearls of wisdom from those who have never been to the drag strip.  Well, contrary to popular opinion, drag racing is not easy, it is not boring, and power is not everything Ė technique, traction and gearing all come into play.  (Read more)

Return to Hell

Nurburgring Nordschleife July 2005.  Since my first trip to the Nurburgring Nordschleife in June 2004 I had been looking forward to another trip.  While I had enjoyed that trip immensely, all of the laps I had done were in convoy with some test driver friends.  What I wanted to achieve this time was to drive the whole track by myself and to always know where I was and what was coming up over the next blind brow.  (Read more)

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Last updated on Jul 27th 2005