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Site History

February 2006

Added the ‘blog’ for regular updates.

July 2005

Added more drag strip data.  Added report on the 2005 Nordschleife trip.

December 2004

Added 'Days Out' section and put Nurburgring 2004 trip and Drag Racing day in that section.

November 2004

Site refreshed.  Fixed all broken links.

April 2004

More updates to the Performance page.

October 2003

More updates to the Performance page.

August 2003

More updates to the Performance page.

April 2003

More updates to the Performance page.

September 2002

More updates to the Performance page.

August 2002

Added some more times from Santa Pod and Crail including first 11s run.

June 2002

Restructured the site into frames. Added David Stephens' Crail times.

May 2002

Added more Santa Pod data for various cars.

December 2001

Added Jon Twidale's Santa Pod times.

August 2001

Added new links to Carsten Meyer's Seight site and Graham Smith's Seight site.

July 2001

Added 2 magazine articles to the web site describing the Rover V8 engine.

June 2001

Added Gallery 7 which contains more owners cars from around the world.

May 2001

Added some more data from various owners at Santa Pod.

April 2001

General tidy up and redesign of site. Added loads of stuff to the 'Exhausts' tech section.

October 2000

Added a load more figures from Santa Pod to the performance page.

July 2000

Added some more figures from different cars at Santa Pod.

June 2000

Added review of AC-22 accelerometer. Completely overhauled 'Links' page, many new ones, removed all the broken ones, added a new section for the Rover V8.

February 2000

Added more pics to David Stephen's Gallery. Added pics of Duncan Hardy's car to Gallery 5. Ditto for Graham Smith's car.

January 2000

Replaced one of the pictures of Carsten Meyer's car in Gallery 3 with a better picture. Added more detail to the engine section in 'Technical' link.

December '99

Added pic of Lon Neumann's car to Gallery 5. Added pic of Roland Balazs' seight to Picture Gallery 5. Added links to Roland's page and Martin Hill's page.

November '99

Updated sprinting section with classes for year 2000 amongst other things. Added gallery for David Stephens' car.

October '99

Added Steve Cranswick's photo to Owner's Gallery 2. Updated 'Me & My Car'.

September '99

Started a new Owners Cars gallery with Steve Grice's and Steven Bezdecki's cars. Added performance data for a 330HP car to the performance table.

August '99

Added a gallery for Tom Green's ex-GT3 racer. Added Keith Payne's sprint car to the owner's gallery.

July '99

Added latest drag strip times from my own car. Updated the 'ignition' and 'cooling' sections.

June '99

Overhauled the site, lots of small updates and amendments.

Jan '99

Added an update on Martin Hill's build and a page with pictures of some other people's SEiGHTs.

Nov '98

Added pages about Martin Hill's car

Sep '98

Updated performance pages with Santa Pod RWYB results

Added article on baffled sumps

Added article on torque and horsepower

Jul '98

Added clutch hose tip

Added more articles to Magazine page

Nov '97

Added cooling article

Sep '97

Updated performance pages with Brighton Speed trial results

Added pictures from North Weald RWYB meet

Added G-Tech Pro article

Aug '97

Updated performance pages with RWYB drag racing results

July '97

Added RPI to contacts page

June '97

Added sprint & hillclimb pages

Feb '97

Site created

© Ian Crocker
Last updated on Feb 6 2005