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Here are a list of magazine articles that are either directly about the V8 or contain other interesting information:

Magazine Date Notes
Fast Lane May 1991 Earliest road test of a V8 ? The test car has 270HP and quad Dellortos, but the pictures are of the earlier development car with a Holley.
Autocar 5/6/91 An early road test of the 270HP JE Motors car H782 GEA. Contains test data.
Performance Car Sep 91 Another test of the 270HP car. Longer than the Autocar report, but with less test data. Still has acceleration times.
CCC Jan 93 Not specifically about the V8, but a comparison of 8 Westfields, all with different power plants. Apart from subjective comments most of the cars were weighed as well. The V8 checked in at 1522lbs and had a 52/48 F/R split without a driver.
Fast Lane June 93 A twin test of the ZEi and the 330 SEiGHT. The V8 was tested on sticky tyres and road tyres to try to beat the record 0-60. They achieved some blistering times (0-100mph in 7 seconds!).
KCI Sep 93 A test of H782 GEA when fitted with the 330HP TVR engine. I don't find tests by this magazine very interesting as they are full of hype and contain no test data.
KCI Nov 93 Nothing about the V8, but an interesting article by Chris Smith (Westfield MD) about racing a Westfield. Explains all the mods for racing in the most cost effective order.
Auto Express 2/12/94 A road test of M501 MOJ - 330HP and lots of carbon fibre inserts on the bright yellow bodywork. Usual sensationalist crap that this newspaper format produces.
Sunday Times Some time in '94 An article by Jeremy Clarkson entitled 'Go West, Young Man'. Full of hype, but an entertaining read. You can find it in his book 'Clarkson on Cars'.
Top Gear June 95 A brief test of the 330HP demonstrator with figures.
R&T Mar 96 The Westfield SPa and the V8 were tested for this report. Most of the text concerns the SPa, but there is a 1/2 page or so on the V8. Includes a lot of test data (for the SPa) as is usual for Road & Track.
Autocar 30/10/96 A one page article on the SEiGHT Euro. Subjective test with outrageous figures from the factory. There is no way a 200HP V8 can do 0-60 in 4.3!
The Daily Telegraph 7/12/96 A couple of articles - one about the new SEiGHT Euro and one on the GT3 racer that was campaigned in the Privilege Insurance race series.
KCI Jan 97 Article that gives the development story of the V8, from the first factory car through to the type approved Euro. Quite interesting, has a few inaccuracies.
Unique Cars Jan 97 This is a 3 page article in an Australian magazine. All subjective stuff, but an entertaining read.
CCC Jul 98 Report on the SEiGHT EURO and the 1800 Speedsport.
KCI Jul 98 Report on a SEiGHT fitted with a TVR Giffith 500 engine.

Key Magazine
Autocar Autocar & Motor
CCC Cars and Car Conversions
KCI Kit Cars International
R&T Road & Track

No books purely about the V8, but an interesting selection if you want to fiddle with your car. The Westfield allows so much adjustment that it seems a waste not to!

Book Author ISBN No. Notes
Westfield Brooklands 1 85520 3758 A Brooklands Limited Edition Roadtest book. Contains reprints of roadtests on Westfields from all around the world. Includes a number of tests on the V8.
Performance Roadsters Watkins, Stent & Filby 0-0525736-0-1 All about 7 type vehicles e.g. Caterham, Westfield, Sylva &c. Contains a 33 page chapter about Westfields.
The Rover V8 Engine David Hardcastle 086429-692-1 Covers the history of the engine. American origins, production applications, specialist applications, competiton use and a short section on tuning.
Tuning The Rover V8 Engine David Hardcastle 085429-933-5 How to build a modified Rover V8 for fast road or competition use. Has brief history, then goes into the internals in a lot of detail e.g. details possible piston swaps, Volvo(!) valve gear swaps etc. While it does talk about assembly this part of the book is not that detailed.
Holley - Rebuilding & Modifying Jeff Williams 0-931472-27-X Full description of how the things work, how to strip, rebuild and troubleshoot. Contains a good section on the use of a vacuum gauge.
Super Tuning & Modifying Holley Carburettors Dave Emanuel 0-931472-08-3 Tells you how to tune these carbs including mods such as bleed modifications and four corner idle.
How to Build Horsepower Volume 2 David Vizard 1-884089-14-3 All about carbs and induction with plenty of hints and tips for Holleys.
How to Make Your Car Handle Fred Puhn 0-912656-46-8 Complete description of how a car suspension system works. Packed full of equations and calculations for working out weight transfer, cornering forces, CG locations and much more.
The Brake Handbook Fred Puhn 0-895862-32-8 Contains more info than you could ever want to know about brake systems. How to design a brake system, modify existing systems, all about different fluids and friction materials &c &c.

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Last updated on Apr 18 2001