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Hi-Tech SEiGHT

This page describes what will possibly be the most technically advanced SEiGHT in existence. It is being built by Martin Hill and his dad, John. They both have degrees in Electrical Engineering and a long-standing interest in cars. This SEiGHT combines the two. The car will have computer control of a whole range of functions, from lighting to engine management and traction control. It is also fitted with many sensors to allow monitoring of the oil and water cooling systems, and gearbox and differential temperatures. Martin is developing all of these control systems from the ground up.

The car will initially be fitted with a 200HP 3.5 litre fuel injected engine. Once everything is working correctly this engine will be swapped out for something with about 400HP.

The car will be road legal but everything has been made as light as possible and an aeroscreen will be used.

Here are some pictures and more details on the car:

NOTE: The above links contain 5-10 pictures, each picture being about 25KB in size.

Martin has his own web site now for his company Race Technology. They have plenty more pictures and information on this car.


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Last updated on December 3rd 1999